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Sustainable Development is Glassven’s strategic priority. Therefore, management policies are aligned with our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which includes economic, environmental and social features.

Corporate Governability

In Glassven, we assume that the success in business depends of our commitment with the environment. Therefore, we put our efforts to achieve excellent results in our operations; which benefit to our shareholders as well as those who have believed in our proceedings, including employees, customers, distributors, suppliers and all the people that trust in the quality of our products to improve the quality of life.

We are ruled by principles, based on values and ethics. Glassven respects people individuality and promotes its employees’ development. We believe in a multicultural world and we follow the administrative principles of handling a responsible and auditable business. We comply with the legal requirements where we operate. We also endorse the community well-being and we assume the commitment to preserve the environment.

Commitment with the Stakeholders

At Glassven, we base our business relationships on trust, ethic and involvement between the diverse players whom contribute to the business. Our principles are as follows:

Our employees:
  • We recognize the participation of our employees due to we are conscious of the responsibility that they have on the organization’s objectives and results.
  • We accept our employees’ individuality, without any kind of discrimination.
  • We work along with our employees to develop and improve their knowledge, abilities and capabilities, implementing new technologies and innovating processes.
  • Communications between employees and management are promoted throughout traditional procedures and consultation inside the company.
Our Customers
  • Glassven guarantees the products’ supply, offering value for money in terms of trust, price and quality.
  • Every day, we innovate through the development of new products in order to satisfy customers‘ needs as well as fulfilling existing market requirements.
  • We offer direct technical assistance to all our customers and distributors in order to promote the correct use and handling of our products. Additionally, we impart training about the characteristic and applications of all our products lines in our different laboratories.
  • We provide post-sales service to our customers and distributors maintaining a continuous rapport. And, we measure our performance with an annual surveys; which helps us to improve our processes and market position.
Our Business Relationships
Glassven bases its business relationships on ethical principals at international level with its suppliers, customers, distributors and all those involved commercially. Moreover, we embrace business relationships with those individuals dedicated to follow up such values.
Relations with the community

In Glassven, we have learned that to participate in the development of the countries, we must incorporate at the organization the different actors whom determine the business success, beginning with our employees’ participation and, maintaining labor policies which goes beyond the principles of social justice.

We have as commitment to contribute with the continuous improvement of the communities in which our employees are developed, because we are convinced that family welfare is a motivator that creates win to win relationships. In this sense, our efforts are focused on education and training of family’s values and work’s principals as a strategic focus of our corporate platform.


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