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At Glassven, the sustainable development represents a key part into the organization. Therefore, economical, ecological and social factors have equal importance during decision-making processes.

One of our concerns is promotes the well-being and safety of our employees and their families, our customers, and the community around our workplace as well as the environment protection; due to we care about the quality’s life for the present and future generations.

Glassven’s policy is to handle the business in accordance with company’s internal rules, health standards and safety and environment’s laws.

Glassven is committed to offer a safe and healthful workplace.

In addition, we ensure that our products are processed and handled following safe and responsible working practices, which are in compliance with local, national and international regulations. 

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Our commitments are:

  • To search constantly how to improve our processes, reduce waste and save energy. Therefore, aspects and impacts’ environment are identified constantly at our manufacturing sites.
  • To provide products which can be manufactured, transported, handled, used and disposed safely.
  • To consider environmental issues during the decision-making process.
  • To identify how our activities affect communities around our workplace.
  • To comply with international, national and local laws and rules as well as industrial standards.
  • To comply with all environmental legislation and regulations which are applicable to our processes, implementing due programs, procedures and systems.
Safety & Health
  • To promote our employees’ health and safety.
  • To provide continuous training on occupational safety.
  • Our Company is committed to identify and provide information about labor risks to ensure that safe and responsible working practices are carried out along our processes.

One of our essential principles is to develop more efficient practices, which allow us to keep offering high quality products and excellent services.

Glassven’s approach is to satisfy customer’s needs and improve the efficiency of our quality management system focused on designing, manufacturing and marketing of silicas, silicates and derivative products.

Glassven General Management is committed to promote continuous improvement activities and to support, guard and assign required resources for the fulfillment of our Company’s Quality Policy and Objectives.

Our Quality Objectives are as follows:

  • To satisfy market’s needs.
  • To develop the best human resource in an environment of participation, motivation and safety.
  • To involve our suppliers in our quality management system.
  • To optimize the processes productivity.
  • To guarantee a friendly environmental interaction.
  • To maintain and continuously improve our quality management system.

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